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Metco Safety

Apart from the fact that maintaining safety plays a major role in protecting the lives of our team and our community; safety remains an essential component for guaranteeing and securing an 'on time' delivery of any project.

Each and every member at METCO is committed to the following standard safety policy:

We will execute our civil as well as electro-mechanical and construction contracted obligations, applying all safety methods for personal health, environment and property. This includes wearing safety shoes, helmets, gloves and masks; hence, when it comes to toxic and /or hazardous materials we only use the internationally allowed quantities that are identified within the material specifications to maintain a healthy environment. As well, we avoid working during excessive hot weather.

Moving to product/ service level METCO customizes its safety policy to define and illustrate the specific safety measures of that certain product line we are executing.

Moreover, while streaming down to project site level, METCO appoints and /or identifies one of the operating team as the safety officer to carry out and support the commitment to safety by all the team.

Regular safety training meetings for the staff are held at the main office to illustrate our commitment to our safety policy and explain the importance of safety to the community as whole.